"The best part of the Access Program was meeting an incredible mentor whose passion for giving back to the community inspired me to be more and do more.” Santa Kizikova | Simon Fraser University 

“The Access program’s case competition taught me how to formulate innovative solutions to real world business scenarios. The experience is invaluable for those transitioning into the business world.” 

Milan Sagar | Douglas College 

"Right before the Case Competition back in May I remember being so nervous and my mom telling me that "you just never know when this will pay off". She obviously couldn't have been more right!"

Jamie Stephenson | Douglas College

“The Access Program helped me build a network with students from different schools, a few of whom have now become friends. Participating in the committees and then taking the opportunity to chair the committee as a grad from the program, taught me leadership skills which were essential in my role as Operations Manager at Purdys. To  able to put these skills into practice. It takes more than a strong academic standing to be a strong candidate." 

Rohan D'Souza | BCIT | Access Program

"The BBOT Access program was a really great experience. I was able to connect and network with industry professionals. The mentorship program, one of the main pillar features of the Access program, allowed me to connect with someone who was once in my shoes and understood exactly what I was going through. My mentor was a CPA and had accomplished all the goals I wanted to. I also enjoyed the peer to peer cohort experience. We were all assigned to committees where we were able to collaborate with students from all over Vancouver to share our ideas and experiences. My favourite experience was the BBOT gala. I love free food!

Michael Le, Simon Fraser University ,2017 | 2018 Access Student 

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