About the Access Program and the Benefits of Enrolment
The Access Program provides a unique opportunity for post-secondary students to build meaningful connections with Burnaby’s business leaders through mentorship and networking with business leaders
The program also showcases workshops, seminars, and industry panels. 

Develop leadership skills and community building via the Access committees, Access Case Competition, and networking events. 

The program also provides Mentors the ability to nurture and assess top young talent.

MENTOR MEETINGS – Each participant is matched with a mentor and has the opportunity to meet with them during the program (November to May 2021). Mentor meetings provide an invaluable opportunity to learn and be supported by a professional in the business community.

EVENTS – Participants have the opportunity to learn and build networks by attending BBOT events, workshops and seminars (currently hosted online).

WORKSHOPS - Access specific workshops give students the opportunity to access skills specific resources on topics such as leadership, building networks and community, creating professional resumes, sector specific insights.

CASE COMPETITION – Each year Access program participants are invited to participate in the annual Case Competition.  Two volunteers work with a local organization to "write the case" and two to three other volunteers organize the two hour (online) event. Teams of students are then invited to present their case to the participating organization with prizes given to the top two teams.


Access participants are strongly encouraged to participate in all aspects of the program. The same is true of Access as anything else. The more you put in, the more you are able to get out of the program. However, with busy schedules, the program is designed to allow students to participate in areas of the program that best meets their career needs. To receive a letter of recommendation, however, students must receive sign-off from their mentors. To receive a letter of recommendation with distinction, participants must receive sign-off from their mentors as well have participated in the Case Competition.

Upon completion of the program, participants receive: 
 1.  One year of membership with the Burnaby Board of Trade 
 2.  A Certificate of Completion 
 3.  A Letter of Reference from BBOT's President and CEO 

Students who participate in all aspects of the program including the Case Competition will earn a Special Distinction. 
Added exclusive benefits including: 
 1.  An enhanced reference letter 
 2.  Eligibility to chair an Access committee as an alumnus


The Access Program is a flexible 7 month part-time program.
November to July 2021

Cost of Program

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